December Homeowner’s Checklist

As nice as it would be to have elves that clean and keep house for you, that’s not the way life works. This month’s list is short and sweet because let’s be real: who needs extra “to do’s” on their plate during the holidays.

  • Deep clean your oven. Thanksgiving most likely put a hurtin’ on your kitchen, and if you’ve done much cooking, the inside of your oven might be a scary place to go. Try some Easy Off Oven Cleaner, or check out my Pinterest for other cleaning tips.
  • Remove shower heads and clean off residue. Help your house guests, and your own family, to feel squeaky clean by getting the gunk off your shower heads. Hard water residue and buildup can hamper water pressure and water quality.

That’s it! 2 small tasks for the month of December, because hopefully your maintenance during the rest of the year has allowed you to stay crisis free with a happy home this Christmas. More cleaning tips coming your way in January.

From my home to yours,

Mary Allison