Finding Home

Searching for homes got you down? Zillow and Redfin are great starting places, but they’re not always updated or accurate like your best source for home searching: your REALTOR!

You can find me on or on my personal search website, but the best way to search? Let me do it for you! I’ll set you up on a real time search site that allows you to see listings as soon as they hit the market, giving you the advantage over those whose online searches are on a 24-48 hour delay! I also have access to listings that have not even hit the market yet, and I’m always working for you to see what may be out there undiscovered.

Every minute in today’s market makes a difference, so if you’re ready to find a home, let’s get you equipped to win! The best way to do that? Fill out the contact form on the home page, find me on social media, or catch me directly by phone or email!

(910) 639-5913

Let’s find your dream home together! From my home to yours,

Mary Allison