Lighten Up a Little

The new year has a way of bringing in a refreshing feeling. Cleaning, renewing, out with the old and in with the new. This blank slate feeling can be inspiring, but as winter drags on that inspiration easily fades into dullness until spring comes along. Keep the winter blues away with a few quick and easy solutions:

  • Add some pops of color. It doesn’t have to be a loud color, but adding a new color to your neutral palette adds some interest and newness to your space. Pillow cases, blankets, flowers, and small items (like books!) are my favorite ways to infuse new color without feeling like you have to do a total makeover.
  • Let the light in. It’s estimated that a whopping 25% or more people suffer from seasonal depression. We need as much light as we can get! Give your windows a good cleaning outside and in, and consider removing your window screens. Those 2 tasks can dramatically change the amount of light coming in. Between that and getting in the habit of opening your blinds every morning, you’ll feel brighter and lighter during these shorter days.
  • Redecorate. Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective. I get the “itch to switch” pretty frequently, but rearranging your space or swapping out some smaller decor items can make a huge impact. If you’re limited on how movable your furniture is, try thrifting some new items for a cheap refresh.
  • Declutter and donate. New year, new clean. Getting rid of unnecessary things or items you no longer love is a great way to lighten your load and make you feel renewed. And if you’ve been anywhere near netflix or social media lately, you know that Marie Kondo’s #konmarimethod is taking the world by storm, so join the organization craze and do your own home refresh.
  • Get a house plant. With all the outdoor things gray and bare, add some green back into your life with a house plant. If you’re a plant killer consider a faux plant or a pothos (very hard to kill!). Having something alive, growing, and green is an instant refresher for your space.
  • Switch out lightbulbs. If you’ve been down the lightbulb isle in a Lowe’s or Home Depot, you know that present day lightbulb shopping can be slightly overwhelming because there are so many options now. Do your research, and consider switching to a bulb that imitates sunlight and emits brighter light for daytime, and then softer bulbs in lamps for your bedtime routine.
  • Add some candles. Not only are they a great source of soft light at night, they freshen up the smell and ambiance of your space. Never underestimate the calming and peaceful impact of a delightful smelling candle.

Have other ideas on how to brighten up your space during the winter doldrums? Drop them below or on social media!

From my home to yours,

Mary Allison